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Cellphones!: The Universal Device April 5, 2009

Posted by rebellyesrankin in Technology.
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Have you ever seen the first phones? They look like the crappiest things ever created. But I think it was genius! Phone then evolved into a very, very powerful device. Then it became a CellPhone. EVERYBODY has it. Well, at least 90% of students. Ever took a moment to just think of how amazing just the idea of communication? How you talk to a device and your voice gets delivered to another device. How you can communicate to just about anywhere in the world. Just how you can do anything in your cellphone today. Look at the iPhone as an example. What’s not in it? Is it me or is it wierd to tell someone that your cellphone is an iPhone?

I once asked myself: “Will they ever sell a cellphone made just for talking?”. First came the texting(txt). This made the whole idea of conversation so different because it was like writing a letter but 10,000,000x faster! Then came the camera. Who needs to bring a camera if all you need is your phone? Then came the music! Not ringtones, but music with lyrics. Now, who needs you Walkman or your boombox? Then came the internet! Yes, the internet. into people’s phones. You have the internet in the palm of your hands! It’s amazing(to most people)! Now, I wouldn’t be able to count them. They have EVERYTHING from internet, videos, planner, games, music, camera and applications (of anything and everything).

For me, it feels too overwhelming to have everything in my phone. It doesn’t feel like a phone anymore. They might as well call is a computer. I wouldn’t be surprised if years from now, you can cook your food in your cell phone.

Remember how the camera part of your phone is the side dish and the calling is the main dish? Or how the txting or the mp3 part of your phone is the side dish? Now, the calling part is the side dish. Calling is the bonus. Phones are seen by what else you can do other than call. Which is ironic because tha was what it was made for. Today, it’s hard to pick a phone because they’re all so advance. Why not just make one phone because the differences in brands are pointless because they all have the same purposes and bonuses? I think they should. It saves us from the trouble of picking.

For me, I love the cellphones because I can call people. But I don’t like the part how it’s almost illegal to call it a phone. More like the Universal Device in the palm of  my hand.