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Microwave!: How it revolutionized American food April 5, 2009

Posted by rebellyesrankin in Technology.
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The world of technology is ridiculous! It has affected the human lifestyle is every possible way. Personally, I am not a fan of technology. I am the last person you should talk to about technology. I know the least about technology. I don’t even know how to operate my phone. Microwave is one of the “Must Have” appliances in every American homes. It’s just the device needed to get the task done faster than anything else.

It can serve your foor in less than five minutes. When were you last served a meal in a restaurant in less than five minutes? Never! What amazes me is how for some people, it’s not fast enough. Are you FREAKING kidding me? Less than five minutes to get your food done and it’s not fast enough? That’s unbelievable.

I hate it when I’m in a room and people are waiting in line to use a microwave. They set it for a minute or until a point when their food is as ready as if out of the stove. What kills me  is the part when they stand there ar when they pace mumbling, “Hurry up…C’mon…”. It always seize to amaze me because it’s so annoying for someone to be an impatient punk like that. Think about this for a minute…Before the microwave, people depended on the art of cooking. Okay? They would cook the food the way it has always been cooked since the dawn of time. The same way people always have. Those people would kill for a microwave because microwave would have been mistaken for God due to its amazing speed. And people today are just complaing. I don’t get it. Why?

In addition, I’m not a fan of microwave just in general. I hate having that microwave taste on my food. And also because I’m a cook and I know how to cook. Unlike some people who can’t cook (you know who you are; it may even be you) who are just spoiled bratz who can’t take care of themselves. It’s so sad. Also, study shows that microwave food are not healthy just in general. So as I was saying, I just think so MANY people are so lazy. They are too dependent on technology. Again, it’s so sad. Very sad.