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Horrible Inventions: Rocket Fishing Rod April 8, 2009

Posted by rebellyesrankin in Inventions, Technology.
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Inventions are what evolves society. Invention has been going on since the dawn of time. There are a lot of inventions I hate down to my bones. And that is the Rocket Fishing Rod. I mean have you even seen the commercial for it? When I saw it, I was such amazed how terrible inventors are these days. I think this Rocket Fishing Rod is got to be one of the dumbest inventions I have ever seen. It’s terrible!

Why? Why would someone ever invent some thing like that? It looks so terrible it’s one of those thing that you can never see yourself using. I can NEVER see myself holding that terrible colorful fishing rod that looks like a hybrid of a water gun and those Nerf guns. How do you look at someone and say they’re a professional fisher if they are holding oneof these device.

I’m confused. Why is it even invented? Is it any better than a regular fishing rod(other than the colors)? What makes it so special? Where is the authenticity when you fish with that thing? Where is the originality? I can only imagine someone coming home to their wife saying: “Honey, look, I caught a big fish–using this Rocket Fishing Rod! I knew it was a great invention!” Can you imagine your dad saying that, holding a colorful thing that is supposedly a fishing rod? Just the visual alone is tremendous.

It’s like playing basketball with a deformed ball with the ability to float. It’s like playing footbal with a new deformed football that is as light as a feather. It’s like crafting a wooden handmade weapon but using plastic. It’s like writing a book but letting a computer edit it for you. It’s just not the same! When someonething loses its highlight or its speciality, it loses a lot of it’s authenticity and originality. Fishing will never be the same if I that product is used. I hate it.