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McDonald: World’s Most Irresistable “Drug” April 7, 2009

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You know what illegal drugs are don’t you? Of course you do, who doesn’t? If you are NOT an illegal drug user, let me ask you a question: Why are you not a drug user? You answer: Because you know it’s bad. I know right! You know it’s bad for you so you don’t take illegal drugs. THIS IS COMMON SENSE.

You know what McDonald’s is right? Of course you do, EVERONE in the world knows it. McDonald is the most known fast food place. It is iconic. I have never met anyone in my life who doesn’t know what McDonald is. It is the icon for burgers, fries, soda and more!

So what do I have to say about it? Well, did you know McDonald is unhealthy? OF COURSE YOU KOW IT’S UNHEALTHY! Who doesn’t know it’s unhealthy? My point is EVERYONE in this freaking world knows that McDonald is unhealthy. So the question is: WHY ARE PEOPLE STILL GOING TO MCDONALD DESPITE THE FACT THAT THEY KNOW IT’S UNHEALTHY?

I don’t get it…I don’t understand. If you were to ask anyone that likes/loves McDonald if they are aware of McDonald being unhealthy, their answer is going to be YES. Why? Because whoever you are, you know that McDonald is bad. You’ve heard it from TVs, papers, magazine, people, videos, teachers, and everywhere!  YOU know it, EVERYONE in the USA knows this FACT. Why? Why? Why?

Are people in America really that stupid? Are they that stupid to eat in a place that has “Unhealthy” written all over it? I mean, they know. Here is the thing, have you ever watched “Fastfood Nation“? If you haven’t, I suggest you do! It is an awesome movie! It’s a documentary about fastfood and it is amazing. See what you think of fastfoods after that. there is also this bonus on its Special Features/Bonuses where you can see the process of how the meat from the slaughter house gets to your burger. I have to tell you, it is so disgusting! It even said that in every burger there is a pencentage(I forgot the percentage) of fecal matter! Can you believe that?

Also, for all the teenagers and people my generations, have you ever watched “SUPERSIZE ME”? Of course you have. All of us watched it in our science class in middle school. The movie is a documentary about this guy named Morgan Spurlock who eats nothing but McDonald for 30 day. It is an awesome film. So why are people still eating McDonald’s?  What I find very ironic is that the people who suffers from health issues(because they eat McDonald very often) are the people who complain and become depressed due to their health problems.

If you are wondering why I titled this “McDonald: World’s Most Irresistable ‘Drug'”, it is because McDonald is a lot like drugs. Everyone alive knows it’s bad, but people are still eating it, even though they know this down from their guts. And why is it irresistable for people? I don’t know. I always get a vague answer to that. It’s just stupid! My question to this is: Where is the common sense?


MySpace: Drugs Through Your Computer Screen April 4, 2009

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Myspace is this huge internet phenomenon that was born in mid 2003. It was like cancer, it started like nothing but worsens quickly and becomes fatal…

 I remember being the only kid not having one, so I was pressured of getting one because everyone has one. If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you either have a myspace, you had one, know someone who has one, or know someone who knows someone who had one. My opinion, I believe that Myspace is “The Crack Coccaine of the Internet”. Almost anyone I knew had one! Yes, boy or girl, tall or short, fat or skinny, student or adult, ugly or preety, nerd or jock and everyone in between.

You’re probably wondering why I hate something that was destined to be a teenager’s world. These are the 10 reasons why I HATE MySpace. And it’s all from experience. I quit My Space over a year ago. I’m telling you, I know how it feels. I know how it feels to sign on and tell yourself that you’re only going to be there to check your messages. But you end up staying there for over an hour refreshing your page. Why? I don’t know, some because they pray that their crush will send them a message or comment. Some actually waits for someone to reply to their message or comment. Can you believe that? You end up being there for an hour looking a pictures you look at everyday. Just flipping though people’s page with no intent. The worst way to burn time.

1. MySpace itself. The website itself is flooded by advertisement. When you’re window loads, you are met with advertisements and crappy mini-games such as “Shoot three ducks and win a PS3” or “Guess who’s eyes these are and win $10,000!”. Nothing starts you off than a page full of the crappiest things made in the world of internet. Who even falls for advertisement? Even your page is not your page. On the left side of your screen, another ad or propaganda is there on your page. Did they even ask for your permission? It’s all crap!

2. People’s name. First of all, it’s called “Name” of a reason. Why the HELL, do people have the crappiest, most annoying name ever? “RAWRgirl”, “$$Gmoney…”, “2312fjdfhsdfhaj” or whatever. It makes it that much harder for me. It’s already hard for me to find people and you’re gonna make it harder by not putting your FREAKING NAME!!!arghhh! It’s suppose to be your NAME for God’s sake. Sometimes, I have to visit your page just to remember who you are. It’s so annoying! WHY?!?!

3. People’s Grammar. WhY tHe HelL dO PeOpLe TyPe lIke tHis? Or if not that, people have the saddest grammar. I know it’s online but how sad it must be if you say: “Check out me pics.” or “You is sick dawg!”. What the hell? are you stupid? It’s not even cute nor funny. These are what they do when they comment or write on their “About Me” in which by the way sometimes takes the whole page to explain what they are. They just told their life story. How sad. Also, what kind of comment is “Heyy” or “Hello”? Why do people do that?

4. People’s customized page. My computer sometimes crashes and freezes because of someone’s page. Can you believe that? Ever visited someone’s page and you can’t even load the page? Why? Because hardcore MySpace users are STUPID. They put a gazzilion pictures right on their page, dozens of videos embeded on there, glitters flashing, lights glaring, things spinning, sliding, jumping, popping, slideshows are happening, it’s like a carnival! I’m just about to poke my eye out because they are about to melt! I hate it when people make a crappy page. They should not even allow page customization.

5. “Friends”. With a click of a mouse, someone that you have never met is INSTANTLY your “friend”! People I barely even talk to become my friend. What ever happened to “Let’s meet up and hang out.”  “Let’s get to know each other.” “Let’s be friends.” “What’s your…?” What do you…?” What happened to those? Also, people fight because someone took them out of their “Top Friends”. Are you serious? That’s ridiculous! Why the hell do people compete with who who has the most friends?

6. People in MySpace. Some people don’t even belong in MySpace. By the way, that girl named “Lonely Girl From Texas” is NOT really a lonely girl from Texas. She is either a pedophile or a predator who wants your identity. Please don’t fall for it, you must be stupid…Also, there are so many KIDS in MySpace! 10-14 year old kids! Why are you there? I don’t understand. They shouldn’t be there. And I hate it when they think thet’re grown up. Putting on make-up for the camera, writing like crap or just being there, period.

7. People’s About Me. Everyone looks PERFECT in MySpace. The quietest people in school look like party monkey in MySpace. The most humble people I know can be the most gangsta-wannabe in MySpace. People can be the OPPOSITE of their real selves in MySpace. Some are just whatever.

8. People’s Pictures. My Fave. I hate it how some people have like THOUSANDS of pictures for NO apparent reasons… Everyone has a friend that is a girl that has the crappiest pictures ever taken in the surface of this world. Most if not every girl has the picture I hate the most. One is what I call the “Let’s Be Cute and Take a Bathroom Picture”. Yes, a public picture in a private room in the house. The other one is what I call “My Excuse is ‘I’m Bored’ So I’ll take a picture By Myself” or “45 Degrees Picture”. These two are the crappiest pictures ever. Why? I hate is so much. Ever notice that these two types of pictures are taken by the person in the picture? You are pathetic! How ridiculous!

9. Bulletins. My most hated. I hate the fact that people misuse the purpose of a bulletin. Bulletins in MySpace are the most pointless things I have ever seen. The bulletins I hate the most are one, useless announcements. Such as “Look at my pics and comment”. What the hell? I DONT CARE!!! I just wasted 10 seconds of my life reading that. Secondly, the chainletters! Oh-my-god. It’s so annoying! I hate reading stupid story about a girl dying and i have to repost. Or bunch of text ending up saying “make a wish”. If you fall for any of these, you are an idiot! No possible way it will happend! Last one is the surveys. This bugs the life out of me! I hate how people make pointless surveys of themselves. I DONT CARE!!! If I do, I would ask you. I don’t need to know how you feel or who you like because you won’t end up telling me. You just posted it up because you hope that your crush will read it. A bunch of useless information i don’t even care. STOP WAASTING YOUR TIME AND MY TIME! Ever notice that it’s always the same people everyday? Same STUPID no-life people…

10. EMOS. I have nothing against Emos. I have some Emo friends. My problem is that the people in MySpace. Emos flood MySpace and it sucks to see them just complaining about everything. Also, their profile picture are the saddest picture ever. And that’s what pisses me off. I don’t want to see a picture of you eyes in black and white! I hate it how Emos just suck the life out of you because of their issues. Again, don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate them, I just hate the things they do that affects people. Why are Emos always with hundred of pics but they’re all the same: sad and pathetic. I get the point, if you want to suicide, go for it! I’ll be the first one to celebrate.

I have nothing good to say for MySpace. I’m telling you, it’s like drugs. Some say that they have MySpace to “keep in touch” with friends. I think that’s just an excuse. The same way drug addicts have an excuse saying it’s only to relax themselves. Am I right? They’re both addicting and they ruin your life–especially your social life. Do us all a favor. GET A LIFE!