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About ME

Hi. My name is Rankin. I am not an average naive teenager. I love the outdoors. I love Michael Jackson’s music. I love Oldies/Classic Songs. I hate technology. I don’t know how to work my phone. I hate mainstream. I like school. But I hate homework. I like to play with fire. I like the smell of something burnt. I like to do things to the hardcore level. I have two turles that are immortal. I think DuckTape are the best fixing tool. I like to over-sharpen my pencil. I think nice shoes are unnecessary. I love long drives. I love classic cartoons. SparkNotes is the most useful educational website.I hate things that you like. I love things that you hate. Welcome to my blog.



1. Gier - September 11, 2009

Hi my name is Gier. Are we brothers? Shoot, we are like the same. Except that I don’t have a cellphone at all and I don’t use Sparknotes at all. I would want to have a interesting conversation with you, does September 26th work for you?

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